Christian Science can help anyone discover their spiritual origin and unbreakable relationship with God. The Bible teaches that God is ever-present, all-powerful divine Love, and that everyone’s spiritual birthright is to know oneself as God’s beloved child, created wholly in the image and likeness of God. Christian Science sees this truth as the means by which Christ Jesus healed, redeemed and transformed the lives of all who came to him for help. This healing and saving power of Christ is still with us today and always, as the Bible promises, and Christian Science shows how this brings both physical and mental healing – no matter how big or small the difficulty may be – and consequently transforms lives.

This Christian system of healing has been remarkably effective for generations and is well documented in more than 80,000 verified and published testimonies from people around the world. These can be read in the weekly and monthly Christian Science periodicals, including the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal, and the multi-lingual Herald of Christian Science. You can find out more about these publications at

For those seeking extra help, Christian Science provides a worldwide support system of Christian Science practitioners – full-time professionals who treat patients through prayer. Christian Science nursing care is also available for those needing extra support in practical ways while relying on prayer for healing. The norm for students of Christian Science is to have full reliance on Christian Science treatment for all aspects of health care. However, each individual is always free to seek treatment in other ways if they wish, in any circumstances.

Those wishing to deepen their understanding of Christian Science and spiritual healing may apply for class instruction with an authorised teacher of Christian Science. A global directory of Christian Science practitioners, teachers, nurses and other resources is available here:

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