Sunday School

We have a Sunday School which is open to young people up to the age of 20. Don’t be put off by the word school; for the older participants it is much more of a discussion forum – an opportunity, to talk, to share and to question.

There is no indoctrination and no dogma, just an opportunity for young people to learn and to decide for themselves what they think.

Everyone needs spiritual values

Despite the apparent decline of formal religion in this country there is a clear growing interest in spirituality. Christian Science sees spirituality as a vital part of everyone’s life, a grounding that can play a major part in helping young people find their way in the world.

We would argue that you need a spiritual Principle, which we would call God, not some benign old man on a throne. Grasping this Principle of Life and Love helps anyone deal with the challenges and distinguish between the reality of good and the misconception of evil.

Young people respond to the underlying inspiration of Bible teachings and the relevance of Jesus’s healing in today’s world.

Sunday School Nursery

sunday school gratitude tree 500

sunday school work on wall 500

God is Love 2

Prayer for big children by Mary Baker Eddy

Father-Mother good, lovingly
Thee I seek,--
Patient, meek,
In the way Thou hast,--
Be it slow or fast,
Up to Thee

Prayer for the little children by Mary Baker Eddy

Father-Mother God,
Loving me, -
Guard me when I sleep;
Guide my little feet
Up to Thee